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About d'TIME

BOTANY FOOD is a Malaysia- based company that provides – Grab-and-Go Healthy Snacks and Whole Grain Food.

It all started with ONE simple concept – Grab-and-Go Healthy Snacks. We have started to create and promote great-taste, healthier, convenient and utmost quality foods for many.

A few years ago, online shopping is not as popular and convenient as now. It was difficult to get a healthy snack with quality ingredients, especially during traveling.

Hence, we have created an energy bar with real foods for ourselves to consume during travels. After the BIRTH of “d’TIME Energy Bar”, we have decided to create more healthier yet convenient energy bar, foods and snacks with quality ingredients for peoples who are always busy, conscious community and do not have time for a healthy meal.

We believe that Good and Natural Food can improve people health. We strive to meet our customers' demands with efficiency and credibility. Our e-commerce platform and other offline retailers or chain stores enable us to bring great-taste, healthier, convenient, and utmost quality foods of high nutritional value.


Our Goals & Objectives include: Offering wholesome, fairly priced, ethnically diverse food options. Creating an attractive and diverse snacks.


If you're going on an airplane…bring nuts
If you're going on a car trip…bring granola clusters
If you're going to the gym…bring an energy bar
We provide convenient & nutritious snacks for people

Corporate Value

Good Quality Products
Flexibility with Customers Needs
Competitive Prices
On-Time Delivery  
Friendly Business Relations

Natural & Healthy Snacks Your Way. 
Anytime. Anywhere




Our Value

We believe that GOOD and NATURAL FOOD can improve people health in a world filled with processed food. We believe that the promotion of general values and principles is one of our responsibilities toward the local market and society as a whole. 

Our Mission

We seek to keep abreast of the continuous developments related to our business and develop and create great-tasting, healthy and utmost quality snacks to meet our customer's demands.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the most prestigious and the world-class leader in providing our customers with high-quality, nutritious, and healthy snacks, to be the strategic ally of the Malaysia marketplace.

People do not need to CHOOSE between Health & Taste
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